Judgement Day

Suzanne Kidwell is the host of the sensational, expose’ cable show “Judgement Day”.  So what if she cuts a few corners, embellishes a few truths and disregards facts?  The means justify the ends, right?  Suzanne has the high ratings and fame associated with her go-get-’em show but that doesn’t protect her when her physician-boyfriend ends up dead in an explosion meant for her.  When his nurse shows up dead on her apartment floor she is framed for the murder.  Suzanne has made plenty of enemies along the way, so it is easy to find people with motives to do her harm. What has she stumbled upon that is so important that they want her dead?

Marcus Crisp, and his partner, Alexandria Fisher-Hawthorne are two private investigators brought in to help prove her innocence.  Despite a romantic history with Marcus, Suzanne is forced to accept their help.  What ensues is a page-turning suspense story that will have you asking a lot of questions!

Cloaked in a fast-paced detective story, Judgement Day raises a number of extremely subtle issues. It is a story of situational ethics and the snowball effects of selfishness. While the situations presented in the book are obviously extreme, each of us faces a myriad of small decisions every day that are pinned on situational rights and wrongs.  What principles guide your life?

Although the book is categorized as Christian Fiction, the “Christian” content is more implied than overt.  While you’re enjoying the fast-paced, wild, edgy ride you are subconsciously challenged to think about right and wrong.  I enjoyed the book.

***WaterBrook Multnomah publishers provided me with a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review***

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