When God Intervenes


Dabney Hedegard has an amazing story. She defied death again and again, and recognized that God’s providential hand was instrumental in the miraculous events. Most people in Dabney’s situation would be shaking their fist at God, asking “Why me?” and having a royal pity party. She was diagnosed with Hodgkins when she was only 25 years old — and also SIX WEEKS PREGNANT — and her daunting medical trials were only just beginning.

Dabney’s story is rich with details. As an RN, I cringe when I read most books with medical details. They are notoriously inaccurate. Dabney’s book was well researched and the medical details were consistent with the situations presented.

Dabney’s husband writes a powerful epilogue to Dabney’s story. He expresses incredible humility as he explains how watching Dabney suffer bravely caused him to love and cherish her more. Truly, Dabney has changed many lives by not just enduring her suffering, but by emerging stronger and with a rich testimony of the power of our Heavenly Father.

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