The Beginner’s Bible: All About Jesus Sticker & Activity Book


I received a copy of The Beginner’s Bible: All About Jesus Sticker & Activity Book for review. The book doesn’t list an age range but since the Beginner’s Bible is for toddlers, I kind of expected the sticker & activity book to be as well. I don’t think it is particularly well suited for children that young. There are word searches, mazes, coloring pages with intricate pictures, puzzles, matching, and counting activities, to name a few. Some of those might be appropriate for preschoolers, but most are not. The activities would be suitable for kindergarten or early elementary students, but I don’t know if the pictures would be appealing to them (they are like the illustrations in the Beginner’s Bible).

The stickers are reusable as advertised and the pages are nice and colorful. There is a nice visual appeal to the activities and there are some simplified stories (one to two sentences) about the life of Jesus.

One thing I would have liked to have seen is scripture references for the stories, especially on the pages that have cartoon vignettes to color in with the instructions, “Can you name each story as you color it?” Not everyone will know which stories are depicted and it would be a great stepping-off point for families to discuss the scripture stories in more depth.

Overall, for the $3.99 price tag, this book isn’t a horrible deal. If nothing else your child can stick and unstick the stickers. It would probably work to get through at least one service with a toddler or younger child.

I received a complementary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my objective option.

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