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I’m not new to the Bible or its characters. I thought I knew a fair amount about Abraham…but Charles Swindoll brings Abraham to life in his recent book, Abraham. This isn’t a book that you’ll struggle to read, filled with Old Testament names and places that sound totally foreign. If you’re like me, you’ll learn a lot about Abraham that you didn’t know. Beyond that, you’ll find a treasure trove of sound advice and rich insight in these pages.

With the wisdom only to be found in a long life, filled with the love of the Lord, Chuck Swindoll touches upon issues that face each of us throughout our lives. There are so many lessons to be found in the story of our Patriarch, Abraham. These lessons apply to us today. There are lessons about trusting God, lessons about falling back on our default defenses when we’re stressed, lessons on waiting on God’s timing and not rushing ahead…

This book is going on my “classics” shelf. There are a few books that can be said to be life-changing outside of scripture. This is one of those books. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is so dense with wisdom! Whether you’re young or old, married or single, male or female, there is sage advice in this book for you. I am so grateful for men and women who have such rich spiritual insight and who are willing to share that insight with us. Thank you, Mr. Swindoll.

I was provided with a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review…and, yes, it really was that good!


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Get to Know King David


Another great kids book by Nancy I. Sanders, Getting to Know King David is packed full of information about the life and times of the shepherd-boy-turned-king, David. I love this biography series. Each book is a mini-curriculum in itself. There is a glossary/word bank for vocabulary and eyewitness accounts which can act as stepping-off points for further study. The book has several maps and numerous photographs of historical sites and relics. There is a section of “Student Resources” along with a selected biography and source notes, all which can be used to deepen your student’s knowledge and understanding of the life and times of King David. As in  the other biography that I’ve reviewed, there is a pictorial timeline, showing the events in David’s life superimposed on events in world history.

I am fairly familiar with scripture, but there were several things about David’s life in this book that were new to me. Ms. Sanders does a great job of chronicling his life without going into depth about issues that might not be appropriate for young readers, such as David’s lusting after Bathsheeba. She just says that David wanted “another wife”…that gets the idea across without creating issues that parents might not be ready to discuss with their young children.

Getting to Know King David is another in a quality biography series for kids by Nancy I. Sanders. I recommend it for anyone looking for a book for their young reader!

*I received a complementary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review*

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Life Behind the Wall


Life Behind the Wall is really a trilogy of books. Book one is Candy Bombers, book two is Beetle Bunker and book three is  Smuggler’s Treasure.  The trilogy traces a German family’s story from just after WWII in 1948 to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The books are fictional but recount actual historic events. They are written from the perspective of a family which is separated by the Berlin Wall. It shows what life was like during the time that Germany was divided into two opposing political systems.

The characters were very likable and relatable. The protagonist in each story is a 13-year-old, so the book is a great choice for advanced elementary school and middle school readers. Even as an adult, I enjoyed the book and the story line woven throughout. Historical fiction is a great stepping-off point into the study of history, personalizing the conflicts, hardships and victories experienced in a time other than our own.

I enjoyed the book and will read it with my son, along with studying the REAL “Candy Bomber,” Gail “Hal” Halverson. Hal’s story is one of hope and charity in the midst of strife and I highly recommend that students look into his remarkable life story.

Life Behind the Wall is a compelling story of 4 generations affected by the aftermath of WWII and their sacrifices and struggles as well as their triumphs. The Christian message in the book is very subtle and not at all preachy, and there are discussion questions at the end of each of the books to stimulate application of such principles as honesty, courage and freedom.

***I received a complementary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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