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Inspire Catholic Bible NLT

The Inspire Catholic Bible NLT published by Tyndale is a beautiful addition to their Inspire line. Meant for note taking, journaling, color-coding, and illustrating, the Inspire Bibles are a beautiful addition to any Christian woman’s library. The Inspire Catholic Bible NLT is no exception!

The NLT translation is accessible for even the most inexperienced scriptorian.  The cover is a beautiful, pearlized pink. The Bible has a placemarker (elastic band) and the pages are edged with really pretty flowers and butterflies. Inside, the pages have lines or templates for illustrating on the outside margin.  I just love this Bible! Although I’m not Catholic, my daughter is, so I plan on giving it to her for Christmas (shhh! Don’t tell!)

This would be a great addition to your Christmas list for any Catholic friends (they have protestant versions, as well).

 Inspire Catholic Bible NLT by Tyndale
Inside there are lines on some pages and templates for illustration on others.
The edges are so pretty!
This is a really nice gift for yourself or someone you love!

I received a complementary copy of this Bible in exchange for my honest review.

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Beyond Suffering Bible

Suffering. Most of us shy away from the word, let alone the reality. Our modern world is obsessed with avoiding suffering. The evidence is everywhere…from the commercials for prescription medications, to pain relief gadgets and gizmos, to the prescription drug addiction epidemic…the message is ubiquitous and unanimous: we deserve a life free from suffering! Enter real life. Suffering, whether physical or emotional, is part of this human experience. We all will suffer at some point in this life.

I know a bit about suffering. I’ve struggled with the emotional pain of depression most of my life. I know the pain of divorce. I’m the mother of children with disabilities. At the height of my (beloved) career, I was diagnosed with a progressive neuromuscular disease. Now I’m confined to a wheelchair.

I was given the chance to get a complementary copy of the Beyond Suffering Bible from Tyndale in exchange for a review and, I can honestly say, I wasn’t optimistic about this Bible being able to speak to my situation. Even though I know the Bible addresses suffering, I had no idea HOW MUCH it had to say. I really LOVE this Bible. It is filled with insights into Biblical topics that relate to disabilities and suffering.

From the user’s guide in the Beyond Suffering Bible:

“The Beyond Suffering Bible is for people who want to understand what it looks like to think and live like a Christian in the midst of suffering.

This Bible is for caregivers, family members, ministers, and others who work with and serve alongside suffering and disabled people. These people will find insight, encouragement, and practical help for understanding what the Bible is saying to them about how to love, serve, and uplift the people God has placed in their lives.

This Bibles is for the person with a disability or any suffering person. These people will find opportunities to engage with God, meeting him in the midst of their suffering, learning how to go about living beyond their suffering, and being transformed into a person who can be a bright light for Jesus just as they are.

Really, this Bible is even for ordinary Christians who care about the suffering of others and have questions related tot he theology of suffering but don’t know where to turn for answers

Everyone can benefit from understanding what the Bible has to say about disability, understanding the theology of suffering, and getting a biblical perspective on issues of bioethics and the church’s role in alleviating suffering.”

Joni Erickson Tada knows a thing or two about suffering. Click here to see a video Joni made about this Bible or go to for more info!


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The Note-Taker’s Bible, King James Version


The Note-Taker’s Bible, King James Version is just what you’d expect from the title. This Bible has wide margins in which to take notes, and the pages are a tiny bit thicker than normal scripture pages are nowadays which is good so that the ink won’t bleed through quite as easily. It is a red-letter edition. This Bible has a concordance and no other reference material. Overall, this is a great Bible for someone who just wants to take notes while they read or study out of other material.

I think this Bible would make a great gift for teens or adults who like to take notes in their scriptures. The no-nonsense format would be great for someone who is new to the Bible as well.IMG_0130




*I was provided with a complementary copy of this Bible in exchange for my honest review.*

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