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Stories of Faith and Courage from Firefighters & First Responders


I have to admit that, after a career in emergency services, I don’t often think of “Christian” and “firefighter” in the same sentence. Not that I don’t know some Christian firefighters, but the overwhelming atmosphere in the fire service/EMS is not one that is commonly associated with a “Christian vibe”. Bawdy talk, dark humor and sometimes frank immorality can be more the norm. Being a Christian first responder can be a challenge to one’s faith.

Stories of Faith and Courage from Firefighters & First Responders is a collection of 365 days of devotional stories from first responders intended to provide encouragement for life on the front lines of the mission field that’s called “emergency services”. Facing death and destruction head-on should serve as a reminder that life is fleeting and that “…none of us is assured of our tomorrows here on Earth.” Somehow though, it’s easy to forget.

Authored by fire and emergency service personnel, fire service chaplains, flight nurses and spouses of first responders, Stories of Faith and Courage addresses common issues faced by those exceptional people that we call “heroes”. After all, those “heroes” are human with feet of clay just like everyone else.

The book includes stories of seeing God’s hand in a fire call, reminders that “saving” someone can be more than about their physical life, or a gentle nudge to remember that marriages need to be “fireproofed”. This devotional book will be an encouragement to Christian first responders and a witness for Christ for those who may not know Him.

For civilians, this devotional can serve as a reminder to pray daily for those who do “rush in when the whole world is rushing out”, being ever mindful of the fact that it could be our loved ones or ourselves who need them next.

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