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Big Dog and His Family

A dog is rescued by a farm girl whose family then moves to the city.  The dog runs away and returns to the farm to live with the family who lives there now.  We meet the family, hear about the farm’s other dog.  There’s a skunk, coyotes and a rattlesnake.  Then the grandson comes to the farm.  Then the story stops.

Big Dog, published by Dorrance Publishing, is written with nice details and good first person (dog) perspective.  What it lacks is a plot. Young readers easily will be drawn in to the story of Big Dog.  What they’ll find, however, is the set up for a story but no real narrative.  It’s a shame that Helen Maldonado didn’t take time to develop some adventures for her lead character.

A good illustrator (vs. the black and white photographs presumably taken by the author of her dog) and a plot would make Big Dog a great read for elementary school readers.  Lacking those, it just seems like a story someone forgot to finish.

***Dorrance Publishing provided me with a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my review***

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