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What’s the TRUE meaning of Easter?

If someone asks the question “What’s the true meaning of Easter?” and your answer conjures up images of a lilly, a chocolate cross and a boring church service you might need to read “The Chasm” by Randy Alcorn. This is definitely not the pastel Easter we’ve grown up with, nor is it a conventional story of the Passion.  “The Chasm” is an allegory for what the death and resurrection of Christ really means to fallen humans in a broken world.

The story of a traveler in a strange and unsettling land, this short book by Randy Alcorn is the saga of Nick Seagrave (Edge of Eternity, by Randy Alcorn). Nick sees his life and his actions superimposed on a world that he must struggle to grasp. What is true? What is real? What is illusion? What matters? Nick finds answers and you might, too.

Including thought provoking questions from each chapter, this book is a great reminder of God’s gift to us via the cross and all that the grace of God means. Share with a friend!

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