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My Story – Elizabeth Smart


Elizabeth Smart lived through a nightmare that few of us can begin to imagine: taken from her bed, while sleeping next to her sister, at knifepoint, chained to a tree, raped daily, starved nearly to death, threatened regularly (not just harm for herself, but threatened harm for her family if she didn’t comply), and all this over 9 months time. All this at 14 years old. MY STORY is Elizabeth’s tale of those nine months.

Elizabeth Smart is truly a remarkable young woman to have followed her mother’s advice. Her mother told her soon after her release from captivitiy to not let (her captors) have control of one more minute of her life. She told her to live from then forward happily. She pointed out how, even though those nine months were hell on earth, they were only a small percentage of her life on earth. Wise words.

I know that most survivors of abuse (let alone kidnapping and serial abuse) need professional counseling and years and years of time to begin to recover. Some never do. Elizabeth’s case is the exception, apparently. Still, she acknowledges that everyone processes trauma differently.

I’m touched to read of Elizabeth’s current work through the Elizabeth Smart Foundation (.org). People who are puzzled by Elizabeth’s recovery process probably aren’t aware of the healing properties of service and of a Heavenly Father who can and does work miracles. Elizabeth is able to use her horrific experience to change the world for the better. That’s what God can do if we let him…take our trials and redeem them – even the worst of them. Yay for Elizabeth!

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31 Days of Power by Ruth Myers

Sometimes prayer flows naturally, while other times it is hard to know what to say…how to pray. When fighting a spiritual battle with oppressors like discouragement, depression, loss, anger or addiction it becomes especially important to maintain a healthy prayer life.  What do you do when you don’t know what words to use?

In each of the 31 daily readings, Ruth Myers gives us words to pray for victory over the forces of darkness in our lives. Using scripture as her basis, she crafts prayers for us to use as tools in our battle against the enemy.

What a great, daily reminder that we are “more than conquerors” through Christ! It is so easy to fall prey to discouragement and despair and feel that we are powerless against Satan’s attacks. A few minutes of daily prayer with this book as a guide and you will feel encouraged and renewed in the battle, reminded that Christ has already won the victory!

If you’re struggling with a sense of powerlessness in your life, pick up 31 Days of Power . The prayers will remind you that God gives us His victory in this world.

*Waterbrook Multnomah provided me with a complementary copy of this book in exchange for a review*

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